Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Post, Summer 2010 to a Close

So this is my first post on here and summer is coming to it's end. Well at least school is starting and such. I just wanted to get on here and get things started and to post some pictures from our summer. Kaitlin and I have been QUITE busy getting ready for the AT, as we have been in planning for 3 years now, and hiked a whole bunch this summer in order to test our gear, push our minds and bodies, meet thru-hikers, etc. If you are at all interested in how we spent our summer before we set out to hike the AT, here it is....

May 23 and 24: Backpacking in the Carter Range
We set out and did 8 miles or so to the Imp Shelter via the Imp Trail. We hit a bunch of snow that was probably 5 feet deep or so for most of it and struggled through the intermittent plunges through the soft spots to shelter. We hit 2-4,000-footers (middle and south Carters) and went home. This was our first experience hiking with soaking wet feet and in deep snow. good experience overall and a first great trip. We learned our lesson with PATIENCE in trying to start the hiking season in the Whites.

July 6: Franconia Ridge Loop

After a little hiatus we decided to take a day hike to do the popular Franconia Ridge Loop. Great day, great weather. We were hoping to see some thru hikers on the ridge or at Greenleaf hut, but to no avail. With our luck, we met Greg Locker, a former thru hiker who happened to ask us for a ride to his car when we got back to the parking lot. What luck!

July 12: Getting Serious on Miles

So we decided we would like to step up our game and work on hitting all of the 4,000-footers in NH in a reasonable amount of time. So we hiked Mt. Tecumseh as a warm-up one fine morning, and then drove over to the Kancamangus Highway to hike North and South Hancocks. What a hike! South Hancock had the steepest ascent I think either of us had ever done. Once we got to N. Hancock however, we had a great lookout into the Whites and got back to the car having done our first 14-mile day.

The next trip (a 30+ mile backpacking loop into the Pemigewasset Wilderness) deserves its own post, so stay tuned for that one!

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