Monday, February 7, 2011

Trip to Baxter!

Towards the end of August, Hannah and I accompaniedthe Allens on their annual trip to Baxter State Park. We spent about 10 days in the park having fun little adventures, including a 4 night backpack trip from South Branch Campground and over to Roaring Brook. The first night we spent at Pogy Pond after a 6 mile day, and the next 2 at Chimney Pond after a rigorous 14-mile day which included a trip down Hamlin Ridge which afforded some great views of the last stretch of the AT up to Baxter Peak, the northern terminus of the trail!

We spent the night and woke up to RAIN RAIN and more RAIN. Luckily we didn't have to go anywhere that day and we ended up getting to spend the night in the cabin where we had a wood stove. What a luxury! The next morning everyone went their separate ways, but Kaitlin and I knew what we had to do: hike back up Cathedral (our favorite ascent to Baxter Peak) and make one last trip to the northern terminus of the AT, see if we could meet any completing thru hikers, and get some serious motivation. So we headed up and accomplished all of that while getting to do the always-exciting Knife Edge. So next time you see a picture of this, it will be here, on this blog, with us looking much less nourished, more excited, and probably with me having a LOT more hair (note the thru hiker to the bottom right)

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