Monday, March 28, 2011

Springer Mtn, GA to Hiawassee, GA

We've made it the first 67 miles! We hiked 4 short miles early this morning and are taking the rest of the day off to rest, regroup and explore the lovely town of Hiawassee, GA.  We're staying at the Blueberry Patch Hostel tonight run by a former thru hiker and his wife and it's rumored to have the best breakfast on the trail- can't wait for the morning!
 The last six days have brought all kinds of adventures. We started out with beautiful weather the first few days which gave us wonderful views of the Georgia mountains.  We were lucky enough to have GramCracker hike with us until Neels Gap (30 miles in) , so we learned lots of tricks and and gained so much knowledge from her.  Saturday brought heavy rain and cold temperatures-not my favorite weather for hiking, and our hike this morning was through a steady rain as well. We're hoping the upcoming forecast is wrong as it's calling for rain/t-storms the majority of this week...we'll see.  A quick note to add related to weather is that a few of the shelters we've been in, for whatever reason do not have a roof over the privy!  So imagine going to use the privy and as you get there realizing there is no roof, you get to go in the pouring rain. So whoever came up with that idea, I don't like it. Apparently a roof over your head while using the bathroom is not a given, so everyone at home-enjoy the roof over your toilet!
 We're both already experiencing the hiker hunger...something that shouldn't be in full swing for another week or two, however we've been eating obscene amounts of food-all the time. We just left an all you can eat lunch buffet, will be on our way to Dairy Queen as soon as I finish typing this, followed by another all you can eat tonight for dinner-CAN'T WAIT! I am however a little nervous about the volumes we'll be eating when we hit towns after a few more weeks..
  We had the very exciting experience of our first trail magic a few days ago(for those of you unfamiliar with Trail magic, it is when someone leaves food, drinks etc for hikers, mostly @ road crossings).  Someone had left sodas and Little Debbie Fudge cakes-nothing beats those when you're hiking!
 We've met so many great people so far-everyone out here has been so kind, easy going and fun to talk with.  There is a great energy each night at the shelters as everyone chats while cooking and setting up camp.  I'm so excited for the upcoming weeks.  Tomorrow we'll be on to NC- one state down, thirteen to go!
 A quick last note- we both have trail names! Mine is Jetpack, given to me by Gram for the way I seem to fly up and over the mountains, and Dan's is I'll-eat-it. Just have a meal with him and you'll understand why.
  We can't seem to upload pictures @ this library for some reason-still working on it, but if not we'll get them up the next town we're in.
 Happy Trails!


  1. So cool! Rain's a drag, but the nice days are WORTH IT ALL. And your trail names rock.

    Stay healthy,

  2. Excellent! Blueberry patch has a great breakfast, but the best one is the breakfast at the hostel in Roan Mountain, TN, Mountain Harbour. *the* best!


  3. Love the blog, enjoy the trip and keep us updated,

    Thank you


  4. My son and I have hiked all of the N Georgia AT.. Theirs nothing like it so peaceful and the view form the Mountain tops are out of sight .. Happy Trails