Thursday, April 21, 2011

Erwin, TN

Quick update here, only have a minute on the computer. We're in Erwin, TN, spent the night @ Uncle Johnny's hostel after hiking in the rain yesterday.  We're taking the pace down for the next few days and should be at Kincora hiking hostel by next Tuesday. We've had a great last few days of hiking-weather's been wonderful- no rain until yesterday. We did some longer mileage days which was great. We should be in Virginia in a little over a week, will have lots of updates by then and will probably be staying in Damascus for a night.  Eat's shin has been bothering him, so we're taking the mileage down and hoping it will heal quickly!
  Packing up here in a minute and will be headed back onto the trail in a little while!
Happy hiking!

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  1. When you get a chance, can you give us another mail drop address and approximate arrival date? Thank you so much for the postcard you sent! The first graders are SUPER excited to have you both as pen pals and they are excited to write the next letter full their questions! :)
    -Jeanine Muller & Highland First Graders