Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Daleville, VA

Ah well here we are in Daleville, VA mile 719.8! It's been a wet and rainy last week here on the trail so we came into town yesterday to get dry, do laundry and make an effort to get clean.  While I've decided that the actual hiking in the rain isn't so bad, it's putting on wet, smelly, cold clothes day after day and putting my feet into wet boots that gets to me.  But it's all part of the trail, and it is currently sunny outside, so I'm hoping the sun sticks around for a while!
 We had our first bear siting last week! We saw a mother and two cubs who we scared away, so we only got a quick glimpse of the cubs, but the mother stayed behind a tree for a while and watched us, so it was very excited to finally see a bear!
 In other news, mom is coming down to hike with us on Monday-we are very excited she's coming and can't wait for her to experience the trail with us for a few days!! After that we will be headed into Shenandoah National Park for about 100 miles, so lots of excitement coming up.
Once again time is short on this computer, but we will update again soon and add upcoming mail drop locations for anyone looking to send something.
  Happy trail and stay dry!

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