Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ah, Sweet New Hampshire

- Some fun trail magic outside of a house on my way into Hanover, NH.

I made it! After hiking through 12 states, I am finally in NH. Vermont was cool and all, but it was a bit of a let down when I think of the mountains and the views that I know are coming up this state. I thought that maybe VT would have been similar. Oh well...It didn't take long after I left Hanover, NH to see the sudden changes around me. I could take deep breaths of sweet spruce and pine while stepping up using roots as stairs or tip-toeing up slabs of granite and other rock. It felt like home, and it still does. The last 2.5 days of hiking since Hanover have been so happy for me due to the little changes in my surroundings such as those aforementioned. Yesterday I climbed Smarts Mt and Mt Cube which both afforded some pretty fantastic views. I can't remember the last time I got at least TWO good views in one day. Today I am taking a half day at the hiker hostel in Glencliff, NH at mile 1,782. I still cant believe I have hiked that many miles (more than 2x what the average American walks in a whole year: 730 miles). It has taken a few days since getting back on the trail to 'get my legs back', but I am just about there and feeling better each day on the trail. Only 399 miles left to go and starting the White Mountains tomorrow - my favorite part of the trail so far as well as Jetpack's and my home turf. Ah yes, and I lost my cell phone in Hanover so I won't be doing any rapid blogging until a replacement comes from my mom on Saturday. And that's hoping that I can blog from that phone, we will see! Stay tuned and happy trails!


-View of Smarts Mt from the south summit of Mt Cube yesterday evening.

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  1. I've been following your adventures with great interest. I was hiking Mount Moosilauke yesterday and was thinking that you were not too far from there. Best wishes on the rest of your journey.