Friday, June 17, 2011

Half way!!!!!

Last week we reached the official halfway point at mile 1090.5!! When we got there, there was a couple who were out hiking for the day and asked us how we felt about being at the halfway point.  Were we excited or was it completely unbelievable that after ALL time on the trail we were ONLY half way??? We weren't really sure how to respond because in our minds we had already passed the half way point since Harpers Ferry is looked at being half way by many people.  I decided I was excited, because it meant that I still had 1090.5 miles of experiences to look forward to, and if the next half is anything like the first part has been, I can't wait for every mile!
Jetpack at the half way marker

Three miles after the half way mark the trail passes through Pine Grove Furnace state park.  This is home to the half gallon challenge where hikers get to try and eat a half gallon of ice cream.  With our overwhelming love for food, Eats and I have been talking about this literally for years since we first learned about it.  We were totally pumped for the challenge and had our top flavors picked out before we got there.  There were only a few flavors to choose from when we arrived, and we both went with Chocolate swirl- vanilla ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl.  Before doing this, a half gallon looked like a lot of ice cream to me, but not out of the question.  Let me just say that a half gallon in one sitting is absolutely disgusting! We both did it, but there were a few serious points when I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish it, I almost quit more than once-it was just totally disgusting and I wouldn't recommend doing it at home.  But we sat around for a few hours after to let it digest and watch other hikers eat theirs and we still managed to hike 28 miles that day! 
Thanks for reading and happy trails!
After finishing the half gallon challenge!

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