Friday, June 17, 2011

Taking a break

  Happy birthday to Eats! We are off the trail for a few days to visit with Eats' family and celebrate his birthday!  His mom and brothers came to pick us up from the trail yesterday and took us to his Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Dave's house.  We had a wonderful time there both tonight and last night, eating great food and enjoying wonderful company.  Thanks to them for their wonderful hospitality and all the great food they had!
  Today, to celebrate Eats birthday we spent the day at Dorney Park- an amusement and water park near his aunt and uncles house.  Flying around on roller coasters and going on thrill rides was a great change of pace from the trail and an awesome way to spend the day.
  This past week has been a bit of a rough one for us.  A lot has happened both good and bad, but it has resulted in us making very slow progress, so we have some catching up to do over the next week or so.
  Earlier in the week I had the unfortunate experience of being sick on the trail.  I think I had food poisoning, because it luckily only lasted a little over 24 hours, but it was rough while it lasted.  I can't think of many things on the trail that could be worse than being really sick in the middle of the woods.  I was really weak and tired so we didn't manage to hike very far that day.  The day before, Eats and some of our trail friends Vinca, Poncho and Tippy Toes found three abandoned kittens by the side of the road while hiking.  Since they couldn't leave them there they hiked them in ten miles to the shelter that night and we took them into town with us the next day.  They quickly found homes but Eats had become very attached to the one he had been carrying (Bob) and had decided to keep him and since his mom was coming to visit in a few days she could bring him home.  I will let Eats tell you the story of Bob because he was his kitten and was the one who carried him and fed him, but Bob did not make it through the next night.  It was completely unexpected and so sad because we had taken him to the vet and he seemed to be doing alright.  So we buried Bob the next morning along the trail, and for anyone who has had to bury an animal, you know what a terrible experience it is and it was extremely draining and emotionally tiring for us.  So we will think of Bob as we continue to hike north and wish he was with us!

Eats ready to hike with Bob

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