Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Long's been.....

So I now have my phone with me so I will be trying to do quick blog posts from here more frequently. We are now at mile 1285.3 in Delaware Water Gap, PA. We are zeroing at the Church of the Mountain's hostel. One of the church's main outreaches is the hiker
hostel where they have finished a portion of their basement and will be hosting a potluck/BBQ. A great way to end a rough stretch of terrain. The rocks have been brutal for the last 100 miles but we have a had a lot of off-trail adventures. Stay tuned. Here is one of the FEW views we have had in the last week or so.
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  1. YES!! YOU MADE IT THROUGH PA!! Every state from now on is going to be wonderful - I promise. Even NJ was nice with lots of great views and easy walks! Enjoy!!!